Keynote Speaker

Performance-driven recognition credentials are gained when nursing staff have the spirit of inquiry. Aspiring professionals need motivation for continued growth and to gain a deeper understanding of the specialties they work in. 

A keynote featuring Dr. Wesley can energize professionals and make a dramatic impact on quality, services, and human resource engagement. Make the time to contact me to improve nursing staff performance today.

Program Initiative/Development

Health care organizations face tremendous obstacles when it comes to educating the public on the importance of healthful lifestyles and eating habits. Creating and maintaining effective health care programs that deliver results can be trying at best, and in worst case scenarios unnecessary cost. 

Dr Wesley’s background in creating effective community-based outreach programs can help hospitals and other health care institutions deliver programs that can have more meaningful outcomes, especially for patients seeking lifestyle changes who may not have access to private care or lifestyle management.

Reports and Statistical Data Analysis

You have the quantitative, categorical, and qualitative data you need from your studies, but may lack the means to turn it into a program that will get funding or get results for your patients.

Dr. Wesley has extensive experience in the process of inspecting, cleaning, transforming, and modeling data out of which will come useful information about that which you have studied or surveyed. She can suggest conclusions that will strengthen your presentations and strongly support decision making processes in your organization.

Asynchronous Learning

Organizations lack access to up to the minute health care procedures, or lack easy access to training materials. They may also miss opportunities to educate patients with important facts about their recovery or maintaining their health and fitness.

Y. Wesley Consulting can develop media rich desktop based and online learning curricula that is targeted to the needs of the organization due to its location or demographics and is relevant to the staff and the course of study. Staff can also brush up on courses as needed, any time or any place. For patients, there is an opportunity to reach them at bedside with easy to understand interactive content on laptops or tablets. Schedule a demonstration and see how learning modules can impact the performance of staff or boost patients’ understanding of discharge instructions by contacting me today.